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Gil Funding Initiatives February 2015

HABPI partners with various organizations to apply for grants to get money for development of the Gettysburg Inner Loop (link to the info for the GIL). The following are initiatives that have been approved as of April 2012.

Field Survey- A $5,000 grant was received from the PA Department of Health in the summer of 2011 to do a field survey of West Race Horse Alley and West Railroad Street. This survey was completed and was used to reconcile the legal right of way with the actual cart way used in practice. Both of these areas are on the GIL Alignment.

ACTA Bus Terminal-The trail in that section is currently under construction. This is a short 200 foot section adjacent to the Historic Train Station. Bicycle parking is available at the parking deck, but it is anticipated that there will also be bicycle racks at the new bus terminal. This was applied for by The Adams County Transportation Authority and funded by ACTPO.

Steinwehr Ave. Phase 2- This section of bicycle improvements will be built in 2014, at a cost of up to $240,000, funded by the USDOT. HABPI partnered with Gettysburg Borough and the Steinwehr Business District. PennDot was the applicant. The construction includes new widened brick sidewalks and bicycle lanes on each side of Steinwehr, GNMP to Queen Street. The section of the GIL on Queen Street from Steinwehr Avenue to the Rec Park will get "sharrow" markings. It has already been micro surfaced and new handicapped ramps have been installed. Construction will be completed by May 2015.

Rec Park- Funding was approved (Gettysburg Borough was the applicant) and construction will take place in 2012, widening the Biser Fitness Trail to better accommodate bicyclists from West Street to Queen Street. It is an off road segment. It was funded by a strong partnership between Gettysburg Hospital, PA DCNR (South Mountain Initiative), Elm Street, HABPI and Gettysburg Borough. The total cash received for materials was $33,000. Additionally, Gettysburg Borough is providing in-kind labor of $38,664 for construction. Gettysburg Hospital provided the largest contribution in the amount of $21,500. This is a critical connector from the Gettysburg National Military Park to the Historic Train Station on Carlisle Street. ACTPO Long Range Plan Approved- The remaining portions of the western section of the GIL were approved by ACTPO for their Long Range Plan Level II on March 28, 2012 in the amount of $3,442,541. This figure includes design/engineering, construction and construction inspection. This places the GIL in position to obtain future construction funding when funding comes available.

A map of the Gettysburg Area Trail System, updated in November 2014, shows the segments of the Western GIL that are already funded.

ACTPO/TAP/DCNR Approves Funding in 2014 for GIL Segments A1 & A2-
$ 250,000 grant from DCNR for engineering segments
$ 334,236 grant from PennDOT (TAP) for construction shortfall
$1,182,198 of CMAQ (air quality) funds approved by ACTPO
$1,766,434 Total grants

HABPI worked with Gettysburg Borough, assisting the legal recipient. Design/engineering will commence in 2015, and construction is scheduled to begin in late summer of 2016.

Hoffman Grant: in 2014, The Hoffman Charitable Endowment and Trust graciously grant HABPI $5,000 to perform a field/deeds survey on the Reynolds Bridge area. This was in preparation for design/construction of Segments A1 & A2.

Chesapeake Bay Trust: Gettysburg Borough received a $48,000 grant for “green” engineering on West Racehorse Alley, between Buford and North Franklin. The award was made in 2014. Borough Engineer CS Davidson is designing water runoff solutions that will reduce, cleanse and slow, water runoff. Since no traffic pattern determination has been made regarding Racehorse Alley traffic flow, the “green” design will be adaptable to any traffic flow design. The design will reduce downstream flooding to some degree.

Lefever Street: As part of the new Middle School Construction, The Gettysburg Area School District completed a new multi-use, off-road trail adjacent to Lefever Street in 2014. The cost was $191,000.

The Gettysburg National Military Park is currently undertaking a Comprehensive Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, including bicycle and walking trails. It is a two-year study which commenced in late 2014. It is funded by the National Park Service. Car parking is a major issue. Safe bicycle connectivity to the GIL on Steinwehr is also a problem. Additionally, it is hoped that the plan will address future safe connectivity to the Grand History Trail.


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